Raise Your Revolution's Flag

27 March 2015

To commemorate the fourth anniversary of the Syrian uprising, the "Aleppo Revolutionaries Assembly" launched a campaign titled "Raise Your Revolution's Flag", between the 15th and 18th of March.

To many protesters and activists in Syria the green flag of the revolution represents their ideals of freedom and dignity in direct opposition to both the regime’s and the Islamists’. The campaign thus, aims at uniting people under a shared banner and restoring the primacy of the revolution’s early colors and their values.

"The flag of the revolution unites us," a banner in Aleppo. Source: Aleppo Revolutionaries' Council.
"The flag of the revolution unites us," a banner in Aleppo. Source: Aleppo Revolutionaries' Council.

The assembly and its attached office distributed 5,000 flags in different schools and districts. These flags were raised in multiple events and festivals that took place in Bustan al-Qasr, Salah al-Din and Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo. Activists also launched a graffiti campaign, spraying the revolution's flag on the walls of the city.

The campaign witnessed a number of protests where activists held banners calling for unity and reaffirming that the uprising is still alive. "Four years and the revolution continues", "We still want freedom", "The revolution's flag unites us in our path to topple the regime" were some of them.

Graffiti from Hama. Source: Campaign's Facebook page.
Graffiti from Hama. Source: Campaign's Facebook page.

The campaign that started in Aleppo soon spread to other Syrian cities and towns. The people of Daraa participated in the campaign, paying tribute to Aleppo in their slogans and banners. In Hama, the National Assembly launched a graffiti campaign in the cities of Kafrzita and Lataminah. The Revolutionary Leftist Movement also joined, raising a banner that read "We will continue to hold these banners until one of them announces 'Syria is free'".

Outside the country, many Syrians took part in the campaign by raising the flag and organizing sit-ins in public squares. The "Syrian Student Assembly at Philadelphia University" raised the revolution's flag in Philadelphia, USA. Other participations included Syrian activists Delliar Youssef and Khawla Dunia from Germany, Marxist intellectual Salameh Kaileh from Egypt, author Ibrahim al-Jabeen from Paris, among others.

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