Seven Days for Peace Campaign

30 October 2014

To advocate peace in a country weary of war and violence, the Fraternity Center of Democracy and Civil Society “Biratî” launched a seven-day grassroots campaign on September 15, 2014. Its posters and leaflets were all written in Arabic, Kurdish and Syriac, the three languages of the Jazira -- upper Mesopotamia region.

The campaign was made coincide with the International Day of Peace, and quickly spread throughout several cities, including Hasaka, Qamishli and Kobani.

On the first two days of the Center's peace week, activists hung posters and handed out leaflets explaining the goals of the campaign in the main squares and streets of the participating cities. Additionally, they made a video promo that featured two religious figures, Father Yaaqoub Maruki and Imam Yassin, promoting tolerance in the region. The promo also included footage of kidnapped human rights activists Razan Zaitouneh talking about peace.

On the third day, the campaign launched its first activity: a workshop on reconciliation and conflict resolution. The workshop lasted for four days and aimed to educate Syrian youth on the strategies of resolving conflicts peacefully, and demolishing the culture of violence.

Birati activists concluded their Peace Week on September 21 with a seminar on peace building, that issued a brochure advocating the principles of tolerance and co-existence.

The Seven Days of Peace campaign helps bridge an increasing gap between members of the Jazira community, and restore the civil peace that was undermined by violence and sectarian tensions.


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad