Stop the War means every war

14 September 2013

The potential US air strike on Syria has divided the public opinion both inside the country and abroad, even within unanimously anti-regime activists. Some civil activists involved in the Syrian uprising believe the strike would only favor the regime, since its aim is not to topple it. 

With this in mind, a group of activists who openly oppose a US strike launched a campaign to further emphasize their position and “put the potential air strike in a different context”, as the activist Wael Salkini said to Syria Untold. It was named “Stop the War means every war”.

The idea was born at the gathering of a group of Syrian activists who participated in the uprising since its beginning in March 2011, in order to “look into the possible U.S. attack on Syria, in the context of the prolonged war that has taken its toll for more than two years."

The message that these young people want to deliver to both Syrians and alleged anti-war activists is “We oppose war, but not only the US-Syrian war, but also the Syrian-Syrian war. He adds:

War and violence are happening all over the world, due to internal factors, so when someone says NO to war, they should mean every war out there, not only those caused by external interventions.

The campaign’s main poster has the faces of president Obama next to an image of a plane, and the face of Assad next to the sign of chemical weapons. It reads: "Stop the War means every war”.

The founders of the campaign, who are also active in several other grassroots projects and initiatives, such as Rebel magazine, and the Enough is Enough campaign, work in areas out of the regime’s control. They want the true anti-war activists’ voice to be heard. Stop the War, they say, should mean Stop Every War.


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