We Are the Moral Alternative

09 October 2013

On November 8, 2012 a number of pamphlets and paper cranes greeted Syrians infront of their shops, homes, bus stops and in public parks carrying the slogan, “Our revolution was because we are the moral alternative, before we are a political one”. The campaign was organized to remind Syrians that the uprising is for all Syrians, without exclusion, and that the regime’s violence should have no bearing on that ideal.

A number of Syrian civil and political movements and coordination committees, which later united under the umbrella movement of “Syria for everybody”, were responsible for the campaigns activities. According to one activist, “the activities were divided into two parts: the first was to include banners of the campaign in all the major demonstrations around Syria (in Damascus, Aleppo, and their countryside, to Homs, Hama and Latakia). The second set of activities centered on making contacts with different units of the Free Syrian Army to introduce the campaign’s objectives and convince them to join ranks and support the movement.”

The slogans that campaign’s pamphlets carried reflected the vision of Syria that these youthful groups had:

- If they are sectarian, then our revolution is one against sectarianism. (One, one, one, the Syrian people are one).
- If they believe in but one person, then our revolution is for all Syrians. (One hand, we are one hand).
- If they want to humiliate the people, then our revolution is for the dignity of every Syrian individual. (The Syrian people won’t be humiliated).
- If their aim is to shackle Syria’s freedom, then our revolution is for the freedom of all Syrians. (God, Syria and only Freedom).
- If they are the very origin of extremism, then our revolution is for a pluralistic, civil and democratic Syria. (Muslims and Christians, we want a civil state).

According to an involved activist, “the campaign wanted to deliver two messages: One to the pro-revolution community to reaffirm that the uprising’s early ideals and goals should still be the guiding light for the revolution. And the second, to the pro-regime community, that this revolution is for everyone because it is based on national and humanist principles. For the democracy, equality, freedom and dignity that we aspire to are for all Syrians regardless of their ethnic, religious, or sectarian backgrounds.”

Despite the regime’s brutal oppression, the activists were able to break this tight control over the cities, and delivered their unified pamphlets in many areas around the country. The activists were also able to deliver their message to the Free Syrian Army asking them to protect and live by the principles of the revolution.


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad