We're Coming For You campaign

22 July 2013

We’re Coming For You is the name of a campaign launched by the Bees of the Coast movement during August 2012. They sprayed graffiti on the walls of cities on the Syrian coast, and threw leaflets with anti-regime messages in the streets.

Because the Syrian coast is largely under regime control, it is difficult for activists to carry out anti-regime activities. Opportunities for action rarely present themselves, and so activists made a huge effort to spread the campaign whenever they had the chance. In December 2012, activists took part in the same campaign and sprayed messages such as “Don’t leave, we’re coming for you” on the walls of several districts of Latakia. The activists also sent a message to Latakia’s intellectuals by spraying graffiti on the Writers’ Union building.

Some other messages included, “We, the activists, are in this until the end,” “Syria is ours, it doesn’t belong to the Assad family,” “Latakia is ours, and its streets and walls are ours,” and “We will work together toward a free Syria, ruled by justice, law and equality.”

The activists also distributed pictures of President Bashar al-Assad that had the words “step here” written on them.

The number of security patrol vehicles in some districts of Latakia increased in the aftermath of the campaign, which according to activists, proves its success and shows how much the regime fears nonviolent activists.

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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad