Affinity in Prison

15 February 2019
Samia (pseudonym, 35) was an English language teacher from a well-educated, middle class family from Damascus. Stubborn and composed, she rarely lost her temper. When she was arrested for protesting,...
Taxi Tales

06 February 2019
Taxi drivers in Syria, and especially in Damascus, don’t have a particularly good reputation. Many are undercover security personnel. The remainder face the same struggles as other low-income Syrians. This...
Musicians at the Front

04 January 2019
What do musicians do when they are thrust into war? How does the hand that played music handle a weapon in a conflict the musician did not choose?
Syrian women push for political say in liberated areas

20 December 2018
Patriarchal traditions and insecurity have been stumbling blocks for women seeking to participate in political life in Syria's liberated areas. But Ghalia Al-Rahhal is helping Syrian women make their voices...
Arrested for a modern haircut

14 December 2018
When I was in prison, I blamed every faction, every organization, and every party that had worked with the Nusra Front. This was the only reason they were able to...
Morning Terrors

25 November 2018
His biggest fear was of surprise morning visits.

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