Syria’s “Golden Tree” Rises Again

28 October 2018
This investigation examines the impact of the Syrian war on the pistachio market, which is emerging anew as locals and farmers overcome multiple hurdles in a bid to restore production.
Syrian Society is Failing Female Survivors of Torture and Detention

05 October 2018
Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, intelligence agencies have used rape as a weapon of war to suppress and intimidate demonstrators, both males and females. The regime is well...
Racism, Sectarianism or Sexism? On Damascus and the Syrian Demographic Barcode

03 October 2018
What distinguishes lines in the barcode is not only their length, but also their width and the distance between them. For example, a middle-class rural family may be closer to...
Martyrs of Another Kind

28 August 2018
Mona had heard stories about the terrifying things that happened to women who married non-Druze men. Their fate ranged from torture to mutilation and even death. She worried that, at...
I am from Salamiya but none of this applies to me

18 June 2018
In a country like Baathist and Assadist Syria, people were prohibited from discussing politics as well as manifesting any sound or healthy interest in fellow Syrians. Members of majority and...

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