How has Turkey become unsafe for Syrian people?

19 July 2024
Recent violent attacks against Syrian refugees in Turkey reveal a deep discontent with the country’s politics. A Turkish journalist explains why.
About a leftist father: Oh Comrade, “Who Will Wash the Dishes?”

09 July 2024
"Our leftist relative, the poet and intellectual, managed to marry two women to write delicate poems that bring peace to our hearts," while the father shirked his family responsibilities to...
Economies of Syria: Four Heads for a Weary Body

28 June 2024
The Syrian economy's collapse has led residents to rely heavily on aid and remittances from Syrian refugees and migrants. This has prompted the Syrian regime to implement sporadic measures to...
Farmers grow poorer due to climate change in northwest Syria

14 June 2024
Farmers have resorted to cultivating aromatic plants that generate better income than vegetables, such as cumin and black seed (Nigella sativa). In 2023, cumin recorded a price between three and...
Gate of the Sun: A Gate to Memory and Another to Love

03 June 2024
In Arsenal Cinema in Berlin, Dellair Youssef watched the film "Bab el Shams"(Gate of the Sun) for perhaps the tenth time, but it was the first time on a cinema...
Ammar al-Beik: What a Strange Life...

31 May 2024
In his responses, Ammar al-Beik takes us on a journey on the autostrade of exile/nation (or what is called nation). A beautiful and harsh journey, thrilling and tiring, inspired and...

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