Husseiba Abdelrahman: I ask myself why I decided to stay in Syria

26 October 2021
So that it wouldn’t be said that the people of Kafr Sousseh had expelled the neighborhood’s minorities, I insisted on staying alone without electricity, and sometimes without water, with my...
In Daraa, revolutionary anniversaries mired somewhere between dread and hope

25 March 2020
It wasn’t long ago that rebel fighters, activists and local civilians were commemorating the ninth anniversary of the Syrian uprising in Daraa, so what do recent Syrian government policies in...
Samar Yazbek’s Syrian Voices a Contribution to History

25 December 2017
Readers begin to appreciate what, and how much, they do not know. If this is Yazbek’s work between just March and July of 2011, how many bookshelves could the Syrian...
Diaries of a Lawyer at the Damascus Courthouse

24 August 2016
Such were the daily happenings in our work at the Courthouse for over three years, until the end of 2013. Then the security branches stopped transferring detainees to the Courthouse,...
When the Security Forces Arrested Wa'el's Slippers

19 August 2016
Al-Shami and his friends numbered 15 and the mosque was filled with worshippers. Al-Shami and his friends felt anxious: what if nobody joined in with them?

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