Prison: Writing versus experience

27 February 2020
Is it just Syria that has turned into a prison, or has the whole world become one as well? Doesn’t US intelligence manage a network of hundreds of prisons across...
Imprisoned By The Regime, And Ostracised By Society

07 October 2019
Human Rights Organizations say more than ten thousand women have been detained since the Syrian uprising erupted in 2011, but being released from prison does not put an end to...
Solitary Cell 22

17 May 2019
Alice Al-Shami writes about Huda, a woman who was leading her simple life in Damascus and content with the regime’s narrative portraying the protest movement as terrorists’ sabotage and riots,...
International Women's Day: Women on SyriaUntold

08 March 2019
SyriaUntold picks the 7 best articles published on our platform in the past year by and on Syrian women.
Affinity in Prison

15 February 2019
Samia (pseudonym, 35) was an English language teacher from a well-educated, middle class family from Damascus. Stubborn and composed, she rarely lost her temper. When she was arrested for protesting,...
Arrested for a modern haircut

14 December 2018
When I was in prison, I blamed every faction, every organization, and every party that had worked with the Nusra Front. This was the only reason they were able to...

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