Ahmad Jalal: 'Peaceful protests ail but do not die'

25 February 2019
The banners of Kafr Nabl became a symbol of the Syrian uprising over the years and gained international recognition for their sharp satire and the bravery of taking on both...
Idlib Local Councils Face Crisis of Trust Under Difficult Circumstances

03 September 2017
There is no doubt that local councils have filled a huge gap following the retreat of the state. But there are still many obstacles that challenge their work, some stemming...
No New Parties in “Liberated” Idlib

28 May 2017
It has been two years since Idlib governorate fell entirely outside of regime control. However, due to the prevailing state of war and the multitude of jihadist organizations on the...
Small Hands and Big Burden for Child Workers

22 February 2017
According to Hamed, there is no point to education in the midst of fear and worry of yet another massacre. For him, work places are now considered safer, given that...
Widows Struggle to Overcome Poverty and Discrimination

07 November 2016
At a time when mothers do not have adequate access to fulfill the needs of their children, widows persevere in their fight against traditions and overbearing community surveillance, to be...
Darayya Activists Struggle to Adapt to Idlib

16 September 2016
Darayya witnessed four years of siege. This siege was mitigated by the city’s local council, which helped it withstand regime attacks and lawlessness, in stark contrast to what Daraya activists...

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