What has happened over Syria’s past decade?

26 March 2021
We are not detached academics studying some historical event. We are a people in pain and our beautiful country, Syria, must be reclaimed and rebuilt. We cannot wait for the...
Protect Us Or Open The Border

02 September 2019
Thousands of civilians stormed the Syrian Turkish borders on Friday. They travelled from different towns and villages in Idlib governorate to Bab Al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey. Civilians in Idlib...
Arrested for a modern haircut

14 December 2018
When I was in prison, I blamed every faction, every organization, and every party that had worked with the Nusra Front. This was the only reason they were able to...
When the Security Forces Arrested Wa'el's Slippers

19 August 2016
Al-Shami and his friends numbered 15 and the mosque was filled with worshippers. Al-Shami and his friends felt anxious: what if nobody joined in with them?
Report on Civil Activities (Jul 29-Aug 8, 2016)

14 August 2016
In recent days in Syria, civil society organizations and activists have carried out a number of activities drawing attention to events in Aleppo and as-Suwayda' as well, including protests in...

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