Syrian people suffer after Pyrrhic victory

28 February 2019
After a series of military ‘victories’ that brought back many areas in Syria under government control, the Syrian regime faces the challenge of governing the country and providing for its...
Taxi Tales

06 February 2019
Taxi drivers in Syria, and especially in Damascus, don’t have a particularly good reputation. Many are undercover security personnel. The remainder face the same struggles as other low-income Syrians. This...
Worth More Than Gold

16 November 2018
Some Syrians may well remember when bananas were a rare and highly coveted fruit. Eating this yellow delight in the 1980s was a subtle status symbol How about now? What's...
Companion of Brokenness

26 October 2018
Nothing could be more fitting than a woman broken into a thousand pieces than looking after a dog with a deformity caused by a psychopathic beast.
Racism, Sectarianism or Sexism? On Damascus and the Syrian Demographic Barcode

03 October 2018
What distinguishes lines in the barcode is not only their length, but also their width and the distance between them. For example, a middle-class rural family may be closer to...

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