Weekly Media Digest (5 April)

05 April 2019
SyriaUntold brings you the first edition of our Weekly Media Digest. We want to share with you the features, investigative pieces and long-form essays that we read and thought would...
International Women's Day: Women on SyriaUntold

08 March 2019
SyriaUntold picks the 7 best articles published on our platform in the past year by and on Syrian women.
Syrian women push for political say in liberated areas

20 December 2018
Patriarchal traditions and insecurity have been stumbling blocks for women seeking to participate in political life in Syria's liberated areas. But Ghalia Al-Rahhal is helping Syrian women make their voices...
The Dress

13 November 2018
Wadad makes dresses for conservative Damascene women who want fancy but modest attire to wear at mixed events. The mother of three has survived war, loss, displacement and cancer. She...
When a petty thief becomes a victim of heart-breaking theft

10 July 2018
Some in the Yarmouk camp have devised a method for not being robbed: destroy your belongings instead. A man broke the door of his own fridge with a stick. Women...

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