Rateb Shaʿbo

Rateb Shaʿbo is a Syrian physician, English translator and writer born in 1963. He spent 16 years of his life detained as a political prisoner (1983-1999). Shaʿbo has also published a study entitled "The World of Early Islam".

Secularity, a potential prospect

14 November 2019
Is secularism opposed to religion, or religion opposed to secularism? What is the position of authoritarian regimes towards secularism? And are Syria's minorities truly secular? In this latest article in...
On the Inevitability of Militarization in the Syrian Uprising

14 November 2016
The fierce debate and the war of certainties that persisted around the uprising between the defenders of militarization on the one hand, and those weeping over peacefulness on the other,...
What Political Solution Are They Talking About?

11 September 2016
The issue at hand is no longer about changing the regime, which was the goal of the revolution, but about instituting a change with the regime, which is the goal...

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