Youth for Change

30 April 2014

The city of Salqin in northern Idlib, has been under opposition control since the withdrawal of Assad's forces in November 2012. A group of young activists, who met at the city's early demonstrations, formed the "Youth for Change" assembly, to fill the vacuum, and prevent the town from slipping into chaos.

The assembly, which focuses on social and civil affairs in town, has been active in the field of public awareness since its establishment in April 14, 2014. By wmpowering young people, and launching awareness campaigns, the assembly along with the City Council, hopes to let self-governance take root in Salqin.

As an implementation of their motto "No to Chaos", the assembly aims to limit the arbitrary and disorganized sale of arms. They have presented a petition to the Islamic Court and other revolutionary forces, demanding the regulation of arms sales, which the Court ruled in its favor.

Youth for Change funds its own activities, and refuses to cooperate with groups that don't share the same ideals of integrity, rejection of violence and ultimate goal of a civil, democratic Syria.


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad