What Justice can Foreign Courts Offer Syrians? (Part 2/2)

What good can be expected from pursuing justice abroad for crimes committed in Syria? What are the different types of courts and what are the best pathways for justice and accountability? SyriaUntold met with award-winning human rights lawyer Anwar Al-Bounni...


Raed Fares: Turning Emotional Pain into Awareness

If we want to walk in Raed’s footsteps and continue what he started, we must first call a spade a spade. A revolution is a revolution, oppression is oppression, extremism is extremism and occupation is occupation.


Spanish Court Case Tests the Challenges of Universal Jurisdiction on Syrians

Guernica 37 lawyers Almudena Bernabau and Maite Parejo speak to SyriaUntold about the labyrinth of limitations on universal jurisdiction in national Spanish legislation.

Cities in Revolution

Documenting the history of the uprising in six different syrian cities

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Syrian Cities

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