Dellair Youssef

Dellair Youssef is a Syrian writer and filmmaker. He has directed several films including ‘The Princes of the Bees’ (Umara’ An-Nahl), ‘Exile’ (Al-Manfa), ‘Banyas: The Beginnings’ (Banyas: Al-Bidayyat), and ‘Clothesline’ (Habl Al-Ghasil). He is also the author of ‘Tales of this Time’ (Hikayat Min Hadha Az-Zaman), which was printed in 2014 in Beirut. Youssef currently lives in in Berlin, Germany.

Sexual Harassment of Children in Syria

24 April 2019
Dellair Youssef writes about sexual abuse of children in Syria, the prevalence of the problem and the impact it has on the victims. The conservative nature of the society makes...
Between desertion and displacement, libraries stand their ground

09 January 2019
What happened to the beloved libraries that we left behind in our land? How do our personal book collections comfort us in exile?
Am I the son of Aisha? Jokes in a mixed household.

04 July 2018
My mother is Iraqi-Shiite-Arab and my father is Syrian-Sunni-Kurdish. I grew up in a secular environment at home, which was a melting pot for jokes and insults against all religions...

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