Eid al-Adha campaigns for children

10 August 2013

Coinciding with the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, the Local Coordination Committees and other groups launched a campaign called Their Laughter Brings Life. The campaign aimed to bring a smile to children's faces after two years during which they have been deprived of their rights. As the activists acknowledged, "children were the ones who started to demand freedom by drawings on the walls with their little fingers in March 2011." 

The campaign invited coordination committees, activists and every organization and indiviudal concerned about children, to “spread the joy of Eid across homes and refugee camps, by giving presents, clothes and candy to Syrian children trapped under the bombs." They encouraged Syrians all over the country to sweep the rubble and install swings for children to play.

Clothes, food and toys were delivered both within the country and to refugee camps outside its borders.

Within the same context, the Jafra foundation organized a campaign called A Painful Smile from a Refugee Camp, where children received presents, played and had their faces painted. As Samar, a volunteer child field worker and teacher at one of the refugee camps inside Syria, said to Syria Untold, food and clothing were the priority. "Many of these children haven’t changed their clothes in months, so we have organized fundraisers to buy clothes and a few symbolic gifts. I can´t even describe how happy they looked while they received them."

 "Their Laugter Brings Life". Banner from the Local Coordination Committees, taken from Facebook


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