Since the beginning of the Syrian uprising, a group of university students from all over Syria teamed up with detained actor Mazen al-Dirani, to launch an ongoing campaign called Only Bread. The group uses their connections to deliver food, bread and medicine to areas under siege.

Only Bread focuses its work on humanitarian aid. But in order to keep the campaign going, the activists odten cooperate with armed groups to deliver relief materials to besieged areas, and some equipment to field hospitals. The group has no formal links to the regime however, and its members have often found themselves in danger while delivering aid.

Photo in Damascus Outskirts. Source: Only Bread Facebook page
Photo in Damascus Outskirts. Source: Only Bread Facebook page
The main obstacles facing the activists are security-related. According to one member in aninterview with Syria Untold: “Four active team members were detained, one of them was the founder of the campaign, theater actor Mazen al-Dirani. This affected our financial support from the Syrian National Council as these four members were directly responsible for the finances.”


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