"Our Bread" is a weekly campaign that started in the city of Raqqa after the withdrawal of Syrian regime forces in March 2012. The campaign is organized by the Free Youth of Raqqa activist group with collaboration with other groups in the city. The campaign is now at the fifth stage, which aims to secure bread for those in need in the city, especially those who moved to the city after losing their sources of income and began to rely on aid.

The activists buy bread at a value of 5000 Syrian Pounds, which they pay for from their own money. They cool the pieces of bread at home, and then put every five loaves in a bag with slogans such as “My bread is yours", and the saying of the Prophet Mohammad "None of you can truly be said to believe until he wants for his brother what he wants for himself.” This campaign symbolizes brotherhood and love on one hand, and indicates that Syrians can run their own affairs and take over the role of dysfunctional institutions on the other hand. It also shows that Syrians will be able to run their affairs in the transitional period following the downfall of the regime, which is a source of concern for some people. Despite the difficulty, Syrians are working to strengthen civil society in order to carry out the state responsibility in case the regime abruptly falls.

The symbolic gesture behind the campaign is having poor people show solidarity with other poor people in something as basic as the provision of bread. This reflects the true character of Syrians in the light of freedom that brought out the best in the people.

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