The Child’s Right to Live campaign

29 July 2013

The Raqqa Free Youth Assembly believes strongly in children’s rights and in caring for children, because they are the future of Syria. To act on these beliefs, and to ensure that Syrian children are taught the lessons of freedom, Raqqa’s activists launched the Child’s Right to Live campaign.

The goals of the campaign are to make sure that Syrian children live in freedom and dignity, and that they are educated while still being given the chance to play and enjoy themselves. Raqqa’s youth aim to protect children from the negative side effects of the ongoing Syrian conflict by caring for them, sheltering them and helping meet their needs.

Activist and physician Ayman Al-Khalaf said to Syria Untold, “All civil society groups are lacking when it comes to children. We believe that we owe something to our children, and we decided to help them live their childhood.”

As part of the campaign, activists help children put on a weekly skit. “The skits present important themes such as collaboration and teamwork in an effort to teach children the values necessary to rebuild our country,” Al-Khalaf said.

The Assembly also organizes a number of educational activities that include artwork and intellectual competitions. In order to encourage them to continue taking part, children are rewarded for their participation in the activities.

The Child’s Right to Live campaign seeks to provide special care for the children of martyrs and detainees. One of the activists who participated in the campaign wrote, “When a child who lost his father cries tears of sadness and joy at the same time, we stand speechless. We are powerless in front of crying fathers, mothers and children when they speak about martyrs, because we remember how big of a responsibility we have.”

Raqqa’s activists are determined to follow in the footsteps of the martyrs, and to care for their children as they try to ensure that the blood of Syrians was not spilt in vain. They believe that one of the first steps toward freedom is nurturing children and teaching them to counter the oppression that has controlled the country for so long.

Find out more about the Raqqa Free Youth Assembly on their Youtube channel and Facebook page.  


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