The future cannot be written

04 June 2021
The future is, at its essence, a matter of reading and not writing, and so it can only be read where it has not yet been penned.
We are living in a simulation

27 May 2021
My prediction for the Middle East in 300 years is that by then the world—and not just the Middle East—will embrace a simulation theory.
The future is one current moment, extended

21 May 2021
When people look to the future, or when writers write about it, it’s as if the future is something that will happen later. In reality, there is no such thing...
Nothing will change

14 May 2021
“One character dies and another comes to take his place with the same form of expression, the same form of indoctrination, the same form of thinking, of education, of many...
Universalism and the distant future

06 May 2021
I don’t think that the future will necessarily be dystopian or bad. Any country or society can change drastically in just 50 or 100 years. We are talking about 300...
Future disappointments

30 April 2021
For a long time, my country, Syria, has been subjected to an exceptional state of affairs: emergency laws and state agencies that regulated obedience. I think that if this “exceptional...

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