Alaa Rashidi

Short stories writer, media coach, and art critic. He has published several collections of short stories such as “The Last Game Before Imposing Rules, 2014,” “Fantasy Fun Between Magic and Storytelling, 2017,” “Imaginary Stories Between Music and Civilization, 2020.” Rashidi is a trainer on journalistic writing and media editing techniques. He writes for a number of newspapers and websites in the field of cultural journalism and art criticism.  

The Arts of the Earthquake

11 August 2023
Syrian Artists turned towards creativity in the face of the February 6th earthquake catastrophe. The different ranges of themes they addressed show particularly the reality of the Syrian people prior...
Documentation and forms in the contemporary Syrian novel

02 March 2021
After 2011, narrative documentation prevailed over fiction and novels, compared to allegorical or historical fantasy. What pushed Syrian narrative arts toward documentation? What are the political and social events that...

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