Amel Hadjadj

Amal Hadjadj is an intersectional feminist and human rights activist born in Constantine, Algeria, in 1986. She is the founder of the "Journal Féministe Algérien", which was established with the aim of sharing news and initiatives related to feminist movements and its demands. Amal is responsible for the production of multimedia content in addition to the program for promoting feminist awareness. After working for 7 years in the fields of market and business consulting, Amal decided to transfer her expertise to NGOs working on issues related to gender and feminism. Amal is also a blogger and producer of feminist content for more than one national and Mediterranean media platforms.

Feminism in Algeria: Struggles Against the Lack of Continuity in a History Unknown to Most

11 July 2023
From the war of independence to the 2019 popular movement, the intersectional feminist Amal Hadjadj reflects on the history of feminism in her country, Algeria. New and older generations’ different...

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