Estella Carpi

Estella Carpi is an Assistant Professor in Humanitarian Studies at University College London. Anthropologist and sociologist by training, she researches places which are part of her life. With a PhD in the Anthropology of Humanitarianism from the University of Sydney (2015), most of her work has revolved around the identity politics of humanitarian and welfare regimes, as well as urban and faith-inspired forms of aid provision. After studying Arabic in Damascus (2005 and 2007), she worked for several research and academic institutions in Lebanon, Egypt, the UAE, and Turkey. 

On Academic Dissonance: Teaching Indignation or Teaching with Indignation?

04 June 2023
The article questions how pedagogy, the core of higher education institutions, is understood and operated within the academic world. By building on Paulo Freire’s The Pedagogy of Indignation, Estella Carpi discusses the behavioural dissonance between...
White Helmets, Not White Collars

05 June 2017
Slamming moral denial through a post-Hollywoodization approach.

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