Housamedden Darwish

Academic and researcher in Western philosophy and Arabo-Islamic thought.

On narratives of the Syrian revolution

15 March 2021
An introduction to our series marking 10 years since the events of 2011.
On revolution and civil war in Syria

18 March 2020
As Syrians around the world mark the ninth anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian uprising, how important are the names and labels we use to describe the events happening...
Arguments and Tactics Against Homosexuals

27 February 2019
This article discusses the most important popular arguments supporting, opposing, or expressing hostility towards homosexuality in Arab culture. The article also tackles important popular tactics used to defend or condemn...
On Recognizing our Ethno-Religious Prejudices: A Preliminary Conceptual Analysis

02 December 2018
The testimonies published in this file have shown a strong link between both religious/sectarian taboos and sexual taboos. After many years of suppression, Syrians were able to bring these issues...

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